Saturday, April 30, 2011

WTF? What's The Fashion? Menswear

Whatever Men can do WomEn can do better and this time, "I Swear It's Menswear!" Give your wardrobe a testotosterone makeover by giving mens' suiting, a woman's touch. Skirts and dresses no longer differentiate us from what men would wear in terms of style. Just like almost everything else, we have taken over their side of the closet as well. More and more, ladies are incorporating within their look, tailored blazers, relaxed trousers, and making the look a little more dapper with vests, tie and cumberbunds. But, as true fashionists, we add to mens' fashion more femme fatale with a pop of colour and all that can take is a simple ruby red lip.

Celebs Seen on the Scene Who Are Lady Empowered, Men Inspired!

Kylie Minogue, Camilla Belle, Cate Blanchett

Kylie Minogue, Camilla Belle, and Kate Blanchett


  1. Right on my lady! We can rock the menswear look and still by WOMEN. Thanks for posting this. xoxo

  2. There's a "Camille" inside of me but I won't let her out hehe, so I guess Kylie's the 24/7 Tuesdai. Ain't one drip-drop of Kate in me at all, ha.


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