Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fashion Says . . . Green Pants

Maria Menounos, Camilla Belle,  Anna Kendrick

Maria Menounos (M2F Brand Denim), Camilla Belle (Gucci) and Anna Kendrick (Rag & Bone)

Fave or Fail?

Fashion is about knowing how to mix and match colors and green is definitely a fun color that you can play with. With the right fashion tops and the perfect shade of green to fit your skin-tone and taste, green pants can create a very chic and sophisticated look. 

While out shopping for a pair of these fun colored pants, take some time to explore the various shades of green from moss to emerald, or from olive to forest. There are several tones that you will come across that will appeal to you and complement your skintone and outfit. Figure out which shade of green best suits you. The green colour has yellow or blue undertones so if you have blonde hair, wear chocolate and green khaki, or greenish gray and black. Brunettes should wear dark greens with navy blues or olive green with ivory or cream. For a safe color of green that complements almost any skintone, shop for khaki green pants.

For the work place, olive green is a sophisticated color that will work will with shades of brown, taupe or grey. It also will give your skin more of a tan finish.

Having a hard time figuring out what colors would go well with a nice bold "crayon" shade of green? Black, navy, royal blue, tan, brown, white, denim or earth-toned tops can match very well with green pants. Also match with other bold colors like purple and orange which is actually the trend among celebrities and stylists. But of course you would want to avoid wearing red, lest you wanna look like a Christmas tree.

For accessories, simply put- gold is the way to go!

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  1. Green pants- exactly what I've been missing in my closet!!:)


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