Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WTF? What's The Fashion? Oval Hoop Earrings

Oval hoop earrings are the modern comeback of the traditional hoop earrings. Oval hoop earrings have a more feminine delicate look and can be worn in a sophisticated setting where circle hoop earrings are great for a casual affair. They will frame your face nicely when hair is worn short or pulled back or up. I would prefer to wear my oval hoop earrings while at work when I would want to make a minor statement with my jewelry that is clean and not overpowering. How would you wear your oval hoop earrings?

Celebs Seen on the Scene in with Style that Jumps Through Oval Hoops!

Halle Berry, Ashley Benson, Mandy Moore

Halle Berry, Ashley Benson and Mandy Moore


  1. i saw a lot of oval earrings on basketball wives. is it weird that i watch that dumb show?

    love halle's!

  2. Kim K is a master of these earrings! She's so good, she wears them with bathing suits!


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