Saturday, July 16, 2011

WTF? What's The Fashion? Colorful Stripes

We've swooned and embraced stripes during its nautical glory, but now colorful stripes are on the fashion radar and the top styling technique that makes this trend so popular is color-blocking. Color-blocking serves its purpose of bringing life, exuberance and excitement to any wardrobe and stripes revive it from the monotonous. Stripes are the best way to sculpt your silhouette. Stray away from wide black and white stripes so you will no longer be afraid of looking like the "Ham-burglar" or a very stylish jailbird. Smaller motif lines can form your body to make it look slimmer while vertical lines gives on-lookers the illusion that you're taller. Colorful stripes are vibrant and refreshing. They are also versatile. Liven up your casual attire with these striped bright and bold hues or make your orffice apparel more fun and delightful by layering a blazer on top.

Celebs Seen on the Scene Coloring Outside the Lines!

Freida Pinto, Chelsea Handler, Kristen Bell

 Freida Pinto, Chelsea Handler and Kristen Bell (Old Navy)

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  1. Loving Kristin bell's top! Is that really from Old navy?? wow!


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