Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WTF? What's The Fashion? Lip Prints

For all you who are great lovers of prints, pucker up to lip print fashions! You have to appreciate it when style takes a twist on patterns and brings forth something that is unexpected and sort of odd. My lips were not sealed when I first recognized this trend. I have to admit I was a little turned off. But while styling and personal shopping for my clients who wanted something fun and new, I started seeing this more and more in stores and on the appareal of many brand names. It has become an increasingly popular print and I'm actually warming up to this pattern and willing to embrass it head on as an upcoming trend. With that in mind, believe it or not, there are many versatile ways this pattern can be worn. Liv Tyler's mini-lip printed dress gives her style more of a vintage feel. Paris' single smooch top goes the opposite of Liv's mature look by seeming youthful and hip, perfect for our younger fashionistas. Elle Fanning kisses away this sweet style from lovey-dovey to retro-modern when she paired her lip-print blouse with a high-waisted short. Go even more retro by sealing this look with a pair of matching colored pumps.


Celebs Seen on the Scene Blowing Kisses!

Liv Tyler, Paris Hilton, Elle Fanning

Liv Tyler (DKNY), Paris Hilton and Elle Fanning (Corey Lynn Calter)


  1. Elle Fanning looks the best :)

    x Of course, we should follow!

  2. Elle looks super, super cute. i love her lip print top the best! These Fanning girls are stellar!

  3. i think its really cute on elle fanning and liv tyler :D


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