Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WTF? What's The Fashion? Sleeveless Buttoned-Up Blouses

Opposite of the traditional long-sleeved version, the buttoned-up sleeveless shirt is a summer staple designated for the office. . . until now. Bare your arms and show your shoulders by transitioning this blouse (usually worn underneath a blazer and tucked into a pencil skirt) from desk work to the streets. Untuck your blouse and switch out your skirt for some skinny jeans. Kick off your pumps, put on a pair of flattering flats and you're on your way. For a little street chic, follow Pippa's example on how to sport this splendid sleeveless style while out shopping at an open-air mall in the afternoon. Shenae keeps it young and fresh with a tied-up, more relaxed style of the sleeveless shirt. She "clocks out" the office look by making no connection whatsoever with an administrative attire. It's highly expected for 'The Heiress' to class up the sleeveless blouse with a pair shorts in neutral blush tones as if she was driving in her convertible on her way to the beach house. You are seeing three completely different ways that this shirt can be worn for virtually three different occasions. I encourage all my stylistas to incorporate their own take on the trend. With a switch of accessories and bottoms go from chic exec to casual cool! This sleeveless top allows you to wear as many of your favorite bangle sets that you wish to show-off. Remember that this buttoned-up blouse is versatile. Pick up a few of the latest designs in current colors for the office. Hey, a glamour girl's still gotta work and I want her to look fab doing it! But afterwards; meet up with the girls, enjoy a sip of wine and engage in some gossip at an outdoor patio of your fave cafe without them even knowing that you wore that top to the 8-5!

Celebs Seen on the Scene in Buttoned-Up Chic!

Pippa Middleton, Shenae Grimes, Paris Hilton

 Pippa Middleton, Shenae Grimes and Paris Hilton


  1. pippa is so pretty, haha I had a debate with my bf on kate vs pippa, he says pippa but I say kate! I'm sure he only says Pippa because there's a whole website dedicated on her butt online!

  2. these are definitely 3 different ways to wear this look. i think i like pippa's the best as it's probably the way that i would wear it myself.

  3. Why is Pippa Middleton so hot?? I have had a girl crush on her since Kate's wedding.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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