Sunday, August 14, 2011

WTF? What's The Fashion? Colored Jeans

Of course every lady has a pair of denim jeans in their closet but the colored jean is "de rigueur" of the year! Colored denim is such a fun trend with so many options for everyone to enjoy whether or not they are feeling bold and bright. For those not completely convinced that a pair of colored jeans are practically essential for the season, test the waters by investing in a light blue skinny. This colored jean is easily to blend with most of the items in your closet. But for the risk takers, green, cobalt or crimson denim add the perfect pop of color to any outfit. Keep your top and accessories subtle to keep the focus on the jeans where it should be without looking like you stepped out of a crayon box. If you decide to wear a printed top other than a solid one in black or white hues, wear one with small prints that will allow you to pull one of the colors to match your colored skinnies. Transition this multi-shaded summer skinny into fall by going from light colors such as pink, blues and yellows to more darker deeper shades like forest, maroon or navy.

Celebs Seen on the Scene having Denim Therapy!

Heidi Klum, Ashley Greene, Hilary Duff

Heidi Klum, Ashley Greene (BLANK Jeans) and Hilary Duff


  1. I love colored jeans but it's just not for me I look ridiculous in them haha not like the fab ladies above!!

  2. I think colored jeans are my favorite items in the closet, but the thing is I need more colors, let's say- all existing ones!!:Dlol But for the start red and green skinny ones would do awesome job!;) Love this post hun!!! Have a gorgeous day!!;) kisses

  3. I look ridiculous in colored denim but i envy any girl who can pull it off!

  4. nice post on jeans...jeans look good on different colors...most prefer the traditional sky blue to dark blue, grunge & washed tones...colors will make the change now

  5. I love the trend, especially for the spring, summer season! heidi looks great! x

  6. I Love colored skinny jeans. I am actually rocking a red pair now but would love cobalt blue.


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