Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WTF? What's The Fashion? Fringe-Hems

Fringe hems: a detail in many clothing apparel, have inspired designers for decades into creating swooned-over styles that we admire today. Fringe fashions come in two popular forms. There's the wild and free flapper fringe and the swing and sway bohemian fringe, both if not worn correctly can be a fringy fashion faus pas. Designed for modern times, the flapper fringe gives a mysterious, hide-the reveal appeal with more of a hard-edge while bohemian style fringes are longer and thicker and are more cool and casual. When wearing fringes, it's about minimalism. To wear it successfully in different ways, the silhouette and shape should be print-less and neutral in color. Flapper fringes work best on dresses and skirts while bohemian styles work better especially in bare-cut tops. Avoid wearing fringes on the bottom to keep from looking like a hippie or a vaudeville performer.

Celebs Seen on the Scene on the Fringe of Fashion!

Selena Gomez, Karolina Kurkova, Kendall Jenner

Selena Gomez, Karolina Kurkova and Kendall Jenner


  1. I sort of like it. I know would rock a fringe handbag but don't know if I'll rock any fringe clothing.

    <3 Marina

  2. This is a DIY waiting to happen....Love it!

  3. HUGE fan of Fringe! I think it can be dressy or laid Kendall Jenner look above. That girl is BAD in a good

  4. I love the fringing trend! Great post, I like the WTF play on words too ;)

    Thanks so much for your comment! :)


  5. How did i miss this?! Love love love fringe :)


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