Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Chapter from the Cosmetic Chronicles

4: Cult-Worthy Tresses, Brows & Mani Styles

You've seen the fashion trends worn by our beloved celebrities at New York Fashion Week. You've caught a glimpse of a plethora of designer creations showcased in their fashion shows. Now let's take a look, recognize and applaud what the creative hair-stylists and makeup artists have come up with and displayed on the models of the runway.
A trend noticed on the catwalks that were so hair-raising, you'll "dye" to try! Orange highlights were brushed into the models hair at Peter Som and bright pink and blue locks had our hair standing on end at Thakoon's fashion show. Lets not forget that Narciso Rodriquez gave his models orange and icy blue hairstyles.
Wet hair was another trend seen on the runways. While many of us find it insane and brave to rock the wet hair look in our everyday routine, Alexander Wang, Prabal Gurung and Ohne Titel did not abandon the hair gel showing us that they were all about the greased up hairstyle.
NYFW Beauty Trend Wrap-up
Almost all of us refuse to go a single day with our eyebrows going Wolfgang on us. A beauty trend that has definitely raised one of mine, was the strong eyebrows painted on the fashion models at Derek Lam and Altuzarra. Don't be heavy-handed with the eyebrow pencil and going so severe like Bert and Ernie. Remember that the brows frame your face and this fall you should try and go with a bold brow. Channel your old-school, Hollywood, golden-glamour look that the iconic Elizabeth Taylor beautifully graced her face with. The bold eyebrow exudes confidence and is even a top beauty look at weddings à la newlywed, Kim Kardashian.
Now lastly, a trend that if you haven't already, you should totally get your hands on, Ombrè Nails. Months before fashion week, it was a raving fave by the lovely Lauren Conrad. This form of manicure ran rampant on the runways of Pamela Love, Jen Kao and Alice + Olivia. D.I.Y. for a fab fingered look without busting out the credit card and leaving a tip at the salon by picking up one of Sally Hansen's Nail Polish Pens.
Lauren Conrad, Ombre Nails


  1. I am loving the Ombre nails look. It is definitely a trend I will be following this fall!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my spot and leaving such a lovely comment! I'm now following yours and following you on twitter too :) Your site is sooooo fab and I'm falling in love already!!! I'm definitely gonna read your posts with my coffee this A.M. and look forward to reading future ones <3


  2. Lauren Conrad is always so on trend & I love the Ombre nails look! I don't do my own nails, so I would just have to make sure my manicurist didn't looks at me like I was crazy! lol :)

    Thanks for your sweet comment & visiting our blog! I am now following you & would love or you to follow us back! Also, we are doing a giveaway for a Tiffany & Co. necklace - check it out!

  3. I like the Ombre look, and also love LC's new line paper crowns, I hope it's not as expensive as her previous line!!

  4. Not sure about the orange hair and the busy brows, but I would attempt the Ombre nails of all these trends. Great post darling, well written and thank you for stopping by my blog and showing support. We are definitely taking the world by storm "One Style at a Time" and loving it! xoxo

  5. loved ur red carpet post!! haven't noticed there were so many blue dresses! great review!

    nice post here, new excuse to wear wet hair and being lazy about drying it out haha


  6. thank you so much for stopping by and posting your lovely comment! I love your blog. I love your "my take on the trend" posts!! keep up the great work and don't be a stranger!


  7. i actually wish my eyebrows grew a bit thicker--not super thick, but just a bit more than they grow now. they kind of bother me actually, lol.

  8. I love the ombre nails look and really want to try it!


    Fashion Fractions

  9. Not sure if i could do the hair - greasy and all lol but i like it on them for that avant garde look! The thicker eyebrows, i've been trying. I like it but my husband doesnt LOL!!!! Now the nails - I'd love to try it. Looks great but I can imagine it being a bit pricier at the nail salons... hmmm.. :D

  10. Lauren Conrad is always so stylish! I love the Ombre look! Very chic!

    I really like your blog and am following it! I'd love it if you checked out my blog sometime and followed back if you like!

    xoxo Denise

  11. I've always loved Ombre nails, yet have never really been able to give them a go! I'd love to try them out soon. And as for the gelled back, slick hairstyles on the runway? I LOVE them, a huge stamp of approval from me :) xoxo, Veena <3


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