Thursday, September 8, 2011

WTF? What's The Fashion? Hot Pink Shorts

I'm still holding onto summer and so are these celebrities in their hot pink shorts! In a past post, style has spotlighted Tinseltown ladies in coral-red bottoms. Now we see them here, expressing their haute babe side in short hot pink hues and platforms that lets their legs go on all day and well into night. I am so loving Kelly Rowland's look. Those black, heeled, fringe boots give her look a more rocker's edge, however I would reconsider her denim shorts that should be worn with sandals during the day. The other Kelly had it right by also staying on-trend while rocking the popular fedora, sunnies and a neutral toned hobo bag.  My favorite is Denise Richards satin hot pink shorts. The luxe and high shine bottom paired with black pumps that also could be satin can successfully heat up a chilly night. I'm loving her pinstriped tie blouse (also on trend) but I can't help but notice that great fashionista's think alike. Both Kellys have the right idea topping this bold hued bottom with a crisp solid white shirt to refrain the pink from being too overpowering.

Celebs Seen on the Scene Beating the Heat in Hot Pink!

Kelly Rowland, Kelly Ripa, Denise Richards

Kelly RowlandKelly Ripa and Denise Richards (Alice + Olivia)


  1. They are perfect! I am so loving Kelly Ripa's look, as it's so casual and on-trend (your words)! x

  2. Hun u knew I'm gonna like this post, don't u??!:) Hot pink, summer cloths and shorts, yup must to like it...:) Denise looks fabulous, love her look a lot!! Have a glam weekend no matter where u are!! kisses & hugs
    Jelena (

  3. Hi Doll,
    Great and cute post. These pink shorts and great and I love the way Denise Richards has paired them with her striped blouse. Feminine and fabulous!

  4. im holding onto summer too! these shorts are so cute

  5. Super cute trend! My fave of the 3 is definitely Denise Richard's look. I love the looser fit and the satinof although I would prefer maybe a paler pink like both Kellys, but all of them look so cute.

    xo andrea

  6. Thank you so much Chanel! You're too sweet :) I am now following your blog too. Keep in touch!


  7. i love this look! nice blog! i am now following and would love if you followed back :)))

  8. my favorite is Denise Richards
    another great post !

  9. wow, i wasn't sure i would like these, but i think the pink shorts look great on denise!


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