Saturday, September 24, 2011

WTF? What's The Fashion? Multi-Colored Earrings

Colorful statement earrings were the hottest look and can be easily resembled in jewelry fashion from the red carpet this season. From chandelier to shoulder dusters, these earrings in vibrant colors and bolder shapes are definitely what should be hanging from your earlobes! Surprisingly enough, these fun earrings can be worn outside of a black tie affair into your everyday street style. It's true! By wearing these attention-grabbing, double-taking ear pieces you will bring attention to your face and your overall look. To successfully achieve this, pull your hair back and up off your shoulders and away from your face while keeping your dècolletage bare to bring your sparkling earrings to its fullest glimmering potential. With these kinds of earrings, they will be all you'll need for an accessory piece. Keep your multi-colored earrings as the only show-stopping accessory piece to be worn with your look. Be sure to coordinate any of the colored jewels from your clustered earrings to complement with the jewel-toned clothes you may want to wear with them. You can also use your multi-colored jewels in your earrings to richly fulfill your neutral-based ensemble.

Celebs Seen on the Scene in Multi-Colored Bling!

Heidi Klum, Jane Lynch

Heidi Klum and Jane Lynch (both Lorraine Schwartz)


  1. those earrings really adds drama in a glamorous way to both ladies.

    thanks for visiting my blog, im your new follower now, hope you'll follow me back :D

  2. I prefer simple studs when it comes to earrings; but both of these ladies do big, multi-colored bling well. :)

  3. I love these earrings they're so pretty. I barely wear them though in case they get caught in my hair.


  4. Love those earings! You are right, they are fabulous and add such a glamorous touch!

    xoxo Denise

  5. I'm big fan of statement earrings!!! Salute to this post!;) Have a great day beauty!;)
    Jelena (

  6. Never thought much of it but now that you brought it up, i love those earrings!! Hmm... i need me some ;p

  7. those earrings are such statement pieces, I wish my ears aren't so sensitive so I can wear something other than studs!!

  8. LOL Chanel I gasped when I saw the "WTF" Just goes to show were my mind is!

    I love those earrings to. I have a ton in my wardrobe. Forever 21 while no where near my age always seems to find me in it buying them :-)

  9. WOOOHOOO. I'm obviously a sucker for colour, so of COURSE, I adoreee this! It just makes everything... better! Your blurb was totally spot on. Definitely the perfect pop to an every day outfit!

  10. loove it!

    im following you now, hope you can follow me back like what you said!



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