Saturday, October 8, 2011

WTF? What's The Fashion? Mirror Sunglasses

I believe what we love most about sunglasses is that they are fashionable and functional. You can definitely achieve this from mirror or aviator sunglasses. Shield yourself from your admirers like the celebs do from the paparazzi in mirror shades. You don't have to rock the cop look but go a bit more casual while going out on the weekend in this defining accessory. If you want to make a sure-fire impression, these shades are the hottest ones out there today. Not only does the lens protect your eyes from UV rays and are better at blocking glare, they are also what gives you the edge in your casual look. The design complements every face shape and looks good whether you wear them outdoors or indoors (if you decide to wear them inside for some reason). But the best feature I believe that really makes a pair of mirror aviator sunglasses rock is the mystery. Make yourself mysterious and famous by letting everyone in the room wondering who you are!

Celebs Seen on the Scene Keeping 'Em Guessing!

Gwen Stefani, Nicky Hilton, Pink

Gwen Stefani, Nicky Hilton and Pink


  1. I can't stand it when people wear them cuz when you look at them all you see if yourself! its like I don't know what they're looking/thinking LOL

  2. I mean, I actually like it sometimes. I've seen a great pair, it depends what style it is for me!

    Ah! Can't believe you live in SA. I miss it so much. Used to live there from 2006-2009.

    Missing Amsie Blog

  3. Hi honey, love the blog.
    Very good!
    What do you think of following each other?

  4. I actually have one lets' call it lighter version of the mirror sunglasses and I LOVE them!! I love experimenting and playing with sunnies!!:) Love Nicky's choice!
    Jelena (

  5. haha i love those sunglasses! you can stare at people and they can't see were you're looking at!

  6. Ahhh, I used to be obsessed with my aviators. I'd wear them ALL THE TIME. Granted, I'm kind of over it. But I LOVE how good they are for spying. No one can see your eyeballs AT ALL. Definitely a plus for people-watchers like myself! :)

  7. I love your blog. I am a fan but I am not a fan of the glasses. Now following.

  8. Helo! I love your style! You have very beautiful pics! I will follow you:)
    Big hug & kiss:)

  9. love love love the mirrored sunglasses - must get myself a pair! I really think they're even great for the fall/winter :D


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