Monday, November 21, 2011

WTF? What's The Fashion? Boho Hobos

Bohemian style is truly a fashion that I absolutely adore. I always like to experiment with printed-heavy trends but the safest way to do that especially when you just want to give a trend a taste is to incorporate it within an accessory instead of committing to a complete ensemble. What other better way of testing a trend than with a handbag that you use everyday? Boho prints are cool, casual and free-spirited, but the best part is that it can be worn by any woman and look incredible whether you want casual chic or a hippie vibe. The one major thing that bohemian styles are not about are restrictions, meaning that you should not limit your boho-inspired hobo to warmer weathers when you can embrace the changing colors of fall just like the autumn appeal a decorated hot hued boho bag has. With a riot of colors and prints in full flair, let your boho hobo be the only accessory that can truly give your look some flavor. Keep away from pairing your purse with other prints like Heidi but instead let it be the forefront of a nude background. Keep the rest of your accessories universal with chunky bangles and a layered or pendant necklace. Or opt for long feather earrings, multiple funky rings and a fun ankle bracelet. Keep your hair natural or give it the runway wet look. Also don't forget when stepping out with a boho carry-all around your shoulder to place on your face a pair of oversized round or square sunnies.

Celebs Seen on the Scene Getting Their Groove Bag!

Ashley Tisdale, Kourtney Kardashian, Heidi Klum

Ashley Tisdale, Kourtney Kardashian and Heidi Klum (all carrying Simone Camille)


  1. Thanks for your wonderful insight on the interview post. Love what you said about having curves. P.S I am following you via GFC as well now.

  2. I love boho prints! I don't look very good in them (not at all), but I really like the way they look on other people.

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  3. love hobo's!! I especially love that I can drag them out of the closet from a few years back and rock them now that the trend is popular again <3 so fun!!
    Xox <3 An
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  4. One more time I agree with u hun, this bag is great for any season! And u can always incorporate some boho style in your wardrobe, whether u're complete or partial boho lover!:) Have a lovely day gorgeous!! kisses
    Jelena (
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  5. i like the boho look too! and ashley's bag is probably my fave--it's pretty awesome.

  6. LOve all these girls and their bags hahaha...

  7. i love this style! so going to have to try it!

    i love ashleys bag!

    and awesome post as usual girl!


  8. I love boho style and prints. Boho is usually a comfy and super laid back style. So when I'm in that mood I go for it! Awesome post (:

  9. I like so much your sense of style! Really nice post!!

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  10. i love simone's bags, miley cyrus carrys one alot and i love that bag of hers!! thanks for sharing
    just came across your blog, its nice!:)
    follow eachother??

  11. beautiful outfits! I love the second one!!
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  12. loooove your blog!:D

  13. Love the trends!Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

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  14. I love BoHo bags! Coincidentally I've been wearing a lot of Bohemian inspired hairstyles of late.

  15. I looove those bags! SO chic !


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