Monday, November 7, 2011

WTF? What's The Fashion? Glitter Shoes

Glitter heels are the perfect shoes that add just the right amount of sparkle and shine and are absolutely, positively ideal for a holiday soirèe meant to be rocked from dusk to dawn. Even though it is instinctive to wear glitter heels with a solid-colored dress, they can also be worn with an intricate patterned ensemble. These sparkling shoes are so eye-catching that gaining the attention of others will take little to no effort. Balance glitz and edge with a black and glitter bootie that has a dark, neutral hue or go all-out glam in a completely-coated, glitter-dipped platformed pump. Glitter strappy sandals added to a simple outfit will not appear overdressed or inappropriate but you can play up the sparkle by accentuating it up top in matching shimmer bangles or dangle earrings. Wearing these kinds of heels are dependent on what is currently trending and based on what style works on your individual taste.

Celebs Seen on the Scene Embracing the Glitterati!

Alexa Chung, Selma Blair, Camilla Belle

Alexa Chung (Miu Miu), Selma Blair (Brian Atwood) and Camilla Belle (Miu Miu)

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  1. I really like glitter heels, but worn the wrong way & it could look tacky. Your GFC is not loading on my side so following you via bloglovin'

  2. Great post! I like your blog!
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  5. love glitter shoes but I'm not sure about all the contrast with the tights... I think I could rock them with bare legs, though! on a night out only... lol
    Xox <3 An
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  6. I happen to love glittery shoes! They give outfits a cool burst of energy.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. I love your blog! glitter shoes are gorgeous.
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  8. O_O That Miu Miu dress is so perfect. Then again, I don't expect anything less from Miu Miu; her stuff is always amazing.

    Castle Fashion

  9. I do like the occasional glitter shoe. How about Target had a little knock off pair lol. They looked like they belonged on the Wiz

  10. I think glitter shoes are cute when rocked the right way! I own a few pairs myself!!

    Congrats on being featured in Bougie Magazine hunni!! I am reading your article now. You go girl!

  11. I JUST BOUGHT GLITTER SHOES. I LOVEEE THEM. I think they just make everything so much BETTER. I'm a sucker for glittery things, to be honest yeahhh.

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  14. love these...especially the one on Selma Blair!!

  15. Great post! I think girls just like anything sparkly which is why stuff like this always catches on! Great column btw!

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  18. This is absolute trend, I went completely crazy for all glittering shoes, and the first pair that comes to my mind is Miu Miu!!! Love this glittering post!;)
    Jelena (


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