Monday, January 16, 2012

WTF? What's The Fashion? Boots With The Fur-Trim

Shawty got them boots with the fur! There is a reason why this trend is still going strong. Fur-trimmed boots are furry, functional and fun. Especially in the middle of winter, why not wear something warm and cozy to keep those toes cradled and toasty? Perfect with a pair of leggings, jeggings and skinny jeans; fur-trimmed boots are easy to style and can practically go with every wardrobe staple you may have for this winter. If this fuzzy footwear is not already a winter staple in your closet, make it your next one immediately. Fur-real!

Celebs Seen on the Scene with Fuzzy Feet!

LeAnn Rimes, Maria Menounos, Kelly Rowland

 Kelly Rowland, LeAnn Rimes (Australia Luxe Collective) and Maria Menounos 


  1. beautiful!! <3

  2. Cozy, comfy, yet stylish pieces, these boots could save our winter!:) Love Kelly's pair!!! Have a gorgeous day my beauty!!!! kisses and hugs


  3. I like maria's look!!!
    Be sure to check out my new posts aswell!!
    love & luck

  4. I started singing along to your post title, lol.
    I like how Kelly and Maria wears it, because it looks more casual than sporty.

  5. Love this trend in high heels ~ Kelly's boots look fab!


  6. I actually wear faux fur boots all the time and absolutely love them. These choices are adorbs! :)

  7. I love them, but not the ones with lots of fur, just in moderation. If you live in a cold city, they're a must!

  8. I Love kelly & Maria's look they look super cool! I'm a huge fan of the fuzzy boots in the winter they're super warm & comfortable..They're my go to/ lazy winter shoes!

  9. Such a great post, I like it!!! These furry boots are simply fab!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

  10. Thanks for your comment on our blog! We so appreciate the support, and are loving your website. We love the furry boot trend; what a cute way to stay warm this winter. xo style, she wrote

  11. Cute! But i am too short for furry shoes...they make me look like a child eskimo! Oh well...good thing Cali doesnt get too cold!

    Hot Pink Day
    Shop Blue Vanilla

  12. Great trend post, I LOVE boots with fur! I got my first pair winter 2011 in Rome and I have been hooked since. This post reminded me that I really need to get a new pair soon... :)


  13. i also love it when people wear furry-ish socks underneath high boots! cute anddd warm!

  14. I do not own a pair of boots with fur trim. I guess I better get on board! Love the intro with Tpain lyric!


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