Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WTF? What's The Fashion? Liquid Minus-the-Leather Leggings

I have never owned a pair of leather leggings. I always felt they looked like trash bags and would refrain from purchasing a pair every year they came out. But now, I'm loving leather on everything this season, including leggings, and you will too! With its seasonal comeback, they have been seen on celebrities and rocked on the red carpet event after event. If you love the rocker chic look but need to give your winter boots a break, try a kitten heel pump with stud detailing. Blend it with burgundy leather pants, a heather grey sweater and dangly chain earrings. Put your hair up in a bouffant ponytail to complete this laid-back "rock-on" look. These kinds of leggings are perfect for a music-filled outing. With a pair of lacquered leggings and a metallic blue tank, slip on a pair of multicolor flats and a quilted handbag if you prefer comfort with your style at your next concert. Paired with the right styling, regardless if your style is feminine and sweet, cozy and chic or a real-life rockstar; all these looks can be channeled and achieved with a pair of black or colored liquid leather leggings.

To make this blog a tad bit more interesting, I wanna get my readers a little more involved by having them voice their opinions of random trends that are making their debuts on the fashion scene. Every once-in-awhile, after the WTF? posting will be a "Fashion Says. . ." insert. Simply scroll down, check out the trend and vote if that particular trend should shine in the spotlight or glow dim in the shadows. Enjoy and Stay FABulous!!!

Celebs Seen on the Scene Drenched in Liquid Leggings!

Nicky Hilton, LeAnn Rimes, Lauren Conrad

 Lauren Conrad, LeAnn Rimes and Nicky Hilton

Fashion Says . . .
. . . Garter Tights


  1. I wish I could wear Garter tights! I have FAT thighs!!

  2. I wouldn't wear the leather leggings, well maybe for a few hours, ha-ha and the garter tights, nooo for me, well, maybe in the weekends I could try it. Celebs can always get away w/ anything!

  3. I have to say that I am totally loving the leather leggings but not such a fan of the garter tights!


  4. Great picks! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! x

  5. i say if you can pull of the look (not everyone can) then rock it!

    thanks for stopping by my blog, i do hope you return soon ;-)

  6. i agree, was also a skeptic at first but definitely think it is an amazing look to rock! :)

  7. for my personal style Im still trying to figure out where the garter fits in
    how I can rock it and still be modest and cute!
    I definitely love it, when worn in class, because this can easily be worn, and look. ehh trashy.
    thanks for commenting on my blog Now following yours
    keep up with the good posts!

  8. Fun voting!
    Call me crazy, but I love all of these racy styles!


  9. I think the garter tights are a bit too much but I love the leggings ;) Thanks for following, hun!! xoxo Nini

  10. I'm a fan of Garter tights. I haven't worn them yet, but would love to.

  11. LOVE the liquid leggings; not a fan of the garter tights. :/

  12. lol@trashbags. I am not a fan of leather because it seems to be anti-weather. In other words too hot when it's warm and not warm enough when it's cold.

  13. hahah my friend purchased tights like these the other day. i think there hot,


  14. no to both for me, but i like the look of the leather leggings

  15. Garter tights are not for me, but I think that are girls who looks amazing woth them.

    And I love leather leggins!

  16. I've bought liquid leggings, just never wore them. They somehow only seem to suit the celebrities! I like the new feature you're adding to your blog. I'm not fond of the garter ones, not even on someone as fab as RiRi

  17. I love leather leggings, they look so good with a sheer blouse BUT they always slip down :( I hardly wear mine because I'm forever pulling them up!


  18. Couldn't pull this look off, but still love it!


  19. I love the leather leggings on Nicky Hilton! She looks amazing. I do really like the garter tights...have always been a fan.

  20. i was searching for a good pair of faux leather leggings recently because they're hot (as in sweaty) but I ended up just getting a pair that's pannelled because I didn't like the wet trash bag look either. They do look good though :)

  21. no from me
    anyway nice blog
    Follow Back Please
    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

  22. I just got into the liquid and the leather tights!! I thought it was just me!

    thanks for the comment on my blog! Now following!

    E. Louise

  23. i love the liquid leggings and those tights!!i've been looking for those myself for awhile now lol

  24. I always always want to wear this kind of patterned stockings, not just garter belt, but never never never dare to do that for work! Yup, I always wear dark stockings to work, not for fashion, but because the AC is freezing cold! Too bad my office is very very conservative, and I'm already a rebel for refusing to wear uniforms!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  25. I love leather leggings, but they are not for me,great blog, interesting writing,
    I am following you now, I hope you will follow me too ,


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