Monday, February 13, 2012

From the Shopping Malls to Street Styles

Image 1 of Warehouse Colored Pocket Jegging


  1. Chicks Rule do some really nice colors. They sell them in David And Goliath near me.

  2. Chanel, Totally agree the crimson bottoms and leather jackets create such an instant rocker look. I'm so glad you shared all these different brands too because i found a cute pair at H&M last night but I like some of the skinny's you showed much better. You'll have to do an outfit post in some...they're hot! Have a great day :)

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment too and I totally know what you mean about the Whitney coverage, I've been glued to it too. It's so sad because it just keeps happening with young celebs year after year. :(


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