Monday, March 26, 2012

The "F" Word! Flight Suits

Look to the skies and add to your closet an aviator-inspired suit that certainly has made it's way on the catwalk by several well-known designers. With such a loose fitting one-piece suit, you all know by now that the golden rule is to cinch the waist with a belt. Keep the airy trend alive and updated by adding on a scarf and booties as your accessories. With loosely flowing hair swept back and a fresh face with a natural glow, dewy lips and an over-sized handbag are additional stylings highly recommended to allow your take on the trend to soar.

Supermodel Style Takes Flight on the Runway at Fashion Week!

Flightsuit Trend

 L.A.M.B., Band Of Outsiders and Cynthia Rowley


  1. Hello my pretty girl, missed u these few days!! I hope u enjoyed your weekend!!
    Now when it comes to this trend, it can look fabulous and it can look terrible, depending on the attitude of the girl who is wearing. Personally I love this loose form, especially L.A.M.B. one! Happy Tuesday! kisses

  2. Lovely blog.

  3. I am so feeling the L.A.M.B. choice!

  4. Not really my style, but the trend is really interesting and I would love to see it more on girls :)


  5. it's a little weird, I do not think I can wear these , although I admit that the third is pretty! :)

  6. I love this - a twist to last seasons (or last few years) jumpsuit! It's definitely not for the faint at heart <3

  7. I'm not a fan of this trend, but it is interesting!

  8. Thanks for the supportive comment, I think I need you here to style my shoots!
    secret stare

  9. I love that runway look in the center, the monochromatic white with prinkled black prints. :)


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