In the Spotlight~ Bougie Mag w/ Rob Bacon Giveaway

Bougie Magazine has just celebrated the launching of their latest issue, Bougie Magazine: The Elements Edition January 27, 2012 where they took their readers back to the basics with an exploration of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The goal was to deepen our appreciation of the substances and fuse fashion with the building blocks of the universe.

This issue featured recording artist and Bougie's cover story, Teairra Mari and spotlighted Narobi model, Thogi. Not to mention, there were several artist, photographer and designer features. It's extremely exciting to have learned that their latest publication has within its first day of being open to the public has received close to 13,000 hits and has reached over 220,000 people!

Rob Bacon of, is an upcoming global designer and exporter of fashion jewelry. The range of his edgy & unique aesthetic with affordable prices has made his collections one of the fastest rising brands of its kind internationally. Bougie Magazine has not only featured him in the Jeweler Showcase of The Elements Issue but has also teamed up with him to perform a giveaway for their fans for a chance to win a genuine earring and necklace set inspired and created by the celebrity jewelry designer himself. As an extra incentive, the winner will be announced in Bougie Magazine's April Issue: Spring Exposed!


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Bougie Magazine Virtual Magazine:

The Bougie Evolution is a fashion and beauty industry that promotes sisterhood and growth. The
next issue will launch early 2012 titled, “The Elements.”  Bougie Magazine will take you back to the basics with an exploration of The Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water. The goal is to deepen our appreciation of the substances and fuse fashion with the building blocks of the universe.
This issue will also have a winner of the upcoming designer competition.

If you are interested in submitting a product for Bougie Magazine to review, please email for more details.
Products must appeal to the "bougie" woman. They can include eco-friendly, business, lifestyle, health and beauty products. Also products that are fashion, gift-ware, high-quality, hand-made, modern, luxury items and more.
Even though Bougie Magazine aims to gain you more exposure, please keep in mind that a product submitted for review does not guarantee that your product will be reviewed within the magazine.

If you are an entrepreneur, designer, photographer, model, artist or musician and would like a chance to be featured in future issues of Bougie Magazine please email me at for interview opportunities.
I am currently looking to highlight emerging individuals in the fashion and lifestyle industry that are inspired by The Elements and are seeking to have their work exposed and their collections viewed by a wider audience.

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Bougie Magazine is a digital publication written for the trendy, intelligent, tech savvy, fashion forward individual, who is applauded and envied for being bold, brave and willing to step out and get what they want. Bougie Magazine aims to provide their audience with everything they need to know about living the "Bougie Life". Regular sections of the magazine will include Hair/Beauty, Lifestyle/Travel, Fashion Designer and Artist Features. In less than a year Bougie Magazine has a steady viewing in the millions from over 20 countries, hosted shows featuring designers from Houston, L.A., Chicago, Atlanta and abroad. 

As Fashion Editor of Bougie Magazine, I am designated to not only inform the public of current and future fashion trends and styles but to also seek out emerging talent within the fashion industry that desire more exposure and to futher their reputation to a wider audience. Whether you are a designer, model, make-up artist, photographer etc, one of the magazine's top priorities are giving an up-and-coming visionary a chance to let others see their vision and help bring them one step closer to their dream in making it mainstream. I also am able to provide media opportunities to have their collection sponsored and advertised within the magazine launched on a monthly basis.

Bougie Magazine is a proud supporter of a new virtual publicaiton dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness~

Conquerors Magazine. A publication dedicated to those affected by Breast Cancer. Each issue will have live testimonies, resources for survivors and thier families, tips and information pre and post cancer diagnosis., express your fight and let your story be told!

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